Espresso Service

Servicing the coffee industry

Meet the Team

Louie Salvoni – Managing Director

Louie has often been called the Nostradamus of the coffee industry.  He has the scary knack of foreseeing how the coffee industry will evolve and it is this perceptive characteristic, that led to the creation of Espresso Service.  This was the UK’s first, stand alone, totally independent and impartial coffee equipment service company.

He is a highly respected member of our industry and is often called upon by his peers and members of the media, for his views on the coffee market.

Aside from his passion for coffee, Louie is a true family man and this is reflected in the day to day running of Espresso Service.  He works hard to ensure that for himself and the rest of the team, family always comes first.

When Louie isn’t talking about, working with, or drinking coffee, he can be found at Shelter From The Storm, a charity he founded in 2004.  It provides hot meals and a warm bed for homeless people.  It is now London’s only free homeless shelter open all year round and funded by donations alone.  Fuelled by his passion for coffee and inspired by his charitable work for the homeless.  There is no stopping our very own Nostradamus….. Louie Salvoni


Lisa Osborne – Customer Service Director

Lisa has worked in the coffee industry since 1991 and for Louie since 1998 when her now strapping sons were only four and one. Over the years, Lisa has been involved with all aspects of the business and she is very much Louie’s right hand woman. She is totally customer focused and exceeds expectations being dedicated to ensuring they all get exceptional support in running their business.


Quinney De Luca – Operations Director

Quinney has over 35 years experience in operations and logistics management and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. He joined the team in 1999 and has responsibility for spares inventory, purchasing, fleet management, HR and health and safety for the company. Or to put it another way……. all the things the rest of the team don’t want to do end up on his desk.


Kevin Towers – Technical Director

Kevin’s technical know how and expertise of coffee equipment is second to none. He leads a dedicated bunch of coffee engineers who know their beans and there isn’t a machine he hasn’t got his hands on. If you need your espresso machine fixed or serviced he is the man to call!