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Cleaning Material

Qty. Description
Group Handle Cleaning Powder (4x 900grm bottles)
Milk Frothing Cleaning Solution
Brewing Unit Cleaning Tablets (100 tablets per tub)
Cleaning Brush

Group Handles And Filter Baskets

Cimbali Handles
Qty. Description
Cimbali Single Group Handle
Cimbali Double Group Handle
Cimbali Triple Group Handle
Cimbali Group Handle Filter Baskets
Qty. Description
Cimbali Single Basket
Cimbali Double Basket
Cimbali Triple Basket
Cimbali Single POD Basket
Cimbali Double POD Basket
Cimbali Blind Filter
Cimbali Rubber Blanking Disc
Cimbali M1/M2 Froth Block Cover
Qty. Description
Cimbali M1/M2 froth block cover (black with screw hole)
Brasilia Group Handles
Qty. Description
Gradisca Single Handle
Gradisca Double Handle
Gradisca Triple Handle
Brasilia Group Handle Filter Baskets
Qty. Description
Gradisca Single Basket 6-7 grm
Gradisca Double Basket 14 grm
Gradisca Tripple Basket 18 grm
Gradisca Single POD Basket
Grasisca Double POD Basket
Gradisca Blind Filter

Knockout Drawer Complete

Qty. Description
Under Grinder Knock Box

Grinder Hoppers

Qty. Description
Cimbali Magnum Grinder Hopper
Cimbali 6/sa Grinder Hopper
Brasilia Rossi RR45 Grinder Hopper
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